• 荣紁in颶XL-2000砂jiang点荷yi使用方fa


     苀ang:荣紁in  型号:ZXL-2000  加gong定制:是  
     外形尺寸:350X150X20 mm 重量:4.8 ㎏ 用途ang靋eyi器  
    砂jiang点荷yi是根据GB/T50315-2000<<qi体gong程现场检验技术规程>> 而研制生chan祄o莙i体砂jiang强度检ce的yi器,是能在现场或试验shi直統ing馐,bu影响qiang体shouli性能,ju有检cerong易,操zuo方便,所需时间短,ce试准确度高dengte点,完quankeyi满足qi体gong程现场质量控制及旧、古房屋质量鉴定、评定的ke观需求.
    First, product introduction;
    The mortar point load meter is developed according to GB / T50315-2000 << Technical Regulations for On-site Inspection of Masonry Engineering >>. It is an instrument for testing the strength of masonry mortar. It can be directly tested on site or in the laboratory without affecting the wall Stress performance, with the characteristics of easy detection, convenient operation, short time required, and high test accuracy, can fully meet the objective needs of on-site quality control of masonry projects and quality appraisal and evaluation of old and ancient buildings.

    Second, structure and principle;
    The point load meter consists of a worm wheel, a worm mechanical loading system, a pressure sensor and a microcomputer peak display.The sensor is installed on the base of the loading system.The peak display and the loading system are connected by wires.
    During work, place the pre-prepared mortar sample on the indenter, and slowly turn the handle of the point load meter clockwise with your hand to move the lifting screw downward.When the loading head is against the mortar sample **, Pressure load, and then slowly and uniformly apply the load until the test piece is broken. At this time, the microcomputer peak display keeps the large A load.

    ★Ada量程:  3KN
    ★ Ada行程:  30mm
    ★ dianyuandian压:  4.5V
    ★净  重:  4.8kg
    Third, the technical parameters:
    A long range: 3KN
    ★ A large stroke: 30mm
    ★ Power supply voltage: 4.5V
    Net weight: 4.8kg
    ★ Dimensions: 350X150X20mm

    ★ yi器使用前,xian将传gan器与微dian脑峰值显shi器的连线接好,然hou接通dianyuan将显shi器上dianyuankai关打kai,此时“加荷”指shi灯亮,观cha显shi器上的数字是否为零若bu为零应按“置零”键,  使其清零.
    ★按xia“峰值”  键,峰值指shi灯亮,此时keyi加荷,dang试件破坏时显shi器显shi的shi值为此试件的Ada强度值,单位为N.
    dang做xia一个试件时需按xia“峰值”键使加荷指shi灯亮,上一个试验数据消除,若显shi器显shi的数值为零(显shi器有较小数值飘yi属正常现象)再按xia“峰值”  键使“峰值”指shi灯亮,此时ke加荷做xia一个试验,若显shi器显shi数值较da在“加荷”灯亮状态xia按“置零”键使其清零.每次试验均需重复上述程序,但峰值指shi灯bu亮时显shi器mei有峰謉ang;すδ,显shi数值会随着卸荷而zidong消除.
    ★将每个ce点处剥li出的砂jiangdapian加gong成(或xuan取)fu合xialieyao求的试件:厚度  5-20mm,预估zuo用半jing15-25mm,da面应平zheng,但其边缘buyao求非常规则.
    ★在砂jiang试件上画出zuo用点,用卡尺ce其厚度t,精确zhi0.1  mm.
    ★将破坏hou的试件pin接成原样,量ce荷载蔰ao蕑uo用点中到试件边缘的A短距li即为zuo用半jing,精确zhi0.1  mm。
    Fourth, use method:
    ★ Before using the instrument, first connect the sensor to the microcomputer peak display, then connect the power to turn on the power switch on the display. At this time, the "load" indicator is on, and observe if the number on the display is zero. You should press the "Zero" key to clear it.
    ★ Press the "Peak" key, the peak indicator light is on, and the load can be applied at this time. When the test piece is broken, the display shows the value of A, the unit is N.
    When the next test piece is pressed, press the "Peak" key to light up the loading indicator. The previous test data is eliminated. If the value displayed on the display is zero (smaller values ​​drift on the display is normal), then press the "Peak" key. Make the "peak" indicator light, and then load for the next test. If the display shows a large value, press the "zero" key to clear it when the "load" light is on. Repeat the above procedure for each test. However, when the peak indicator is off, the display has no peak protection function, and the displayed value will automatically disappear with unloading.
    Large pieces of mortar peeled at each measuring point are processed (or selected) into test pieces that meet the following requirements: thickness 5-20mm, estimated action radius 15-25mm, and the large surface should be flat, but its edges are not required to be very regular .
    Draw the point of action on the mortar sample, and measure its thickness t with a caliper, accurate to 0.1 mm.
    Place the mortar sample on the lower loading head, align the upper and lower loading heads with the pre-drawn action points, and slowly turn the handle of the point loader clockwise with your hands to move the lifting screw down through the worm wheel and worm drive. When the loading head is pressed against the mortar sample, a compressive load is generated, and then the load is slowly and uniformly applied until the test piece is broken, and the loading is stopped at this time.
    After recording the peak display readings, insert the formula to calculate the intensity.The reading unit of the point charge meter display is N.
    ★ Splice the damaged specimens as they are, and measure the short distance A from the actual point of load to the edge of the specimen as the radius of action, accurate to 0.1 mm.
    Note: Do not directly press the upper and lower loading heads. If the upper and lower loading heads are required to perform this inspection, a mortar sheet must be placed between the upper and lower loading heads to avoid damage to the loading heads.
    ★ Verification of instrument
    The instrument has been calibrated with the standard instrument before leaving the factory. The sensor needs to be re-calibrated after a period of use. The user can remove the four fixing screws on the back cover of the display and remove the front panel. (The potentiometer below is used to adjust the zero point).
    The indicator is under the "loading" light, and the loading and unloading test is repeated. After the verification, the adjustment screw is sealed tightly to prevent changes from vibration.

    Five, maintenance and upkeep:
    After the instrument is used, it should be cleaned up and packed in a box for future use
    The microcomputer peak display is assembled with integrated circuits, and the power supply voltage should be stable in the range of 220V ± 5V when in use.
    The instrument should be used and stored in a dry place indoors. Avoid exposure to sunlight, rain and moisture to extend the service life.
    ★ Yellow dry oil should be regularly injected into the worm gear box to keep it lubricated.
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